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July 13th, 2004

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09:52 pm - Fanny Packs are BACK!!!
Today kicked so much ass. Chemistry was all right. We made ice cream, which looked like bird shit (with Hershey's chocolate syrup added), but it tasted all right. And then during that lab I spilled all this water over the side of the lab table and the electrical outlet was smoking and clicking and I thought that we were all gunna get electrocuted. But, alas, we were not.

Ew. And yesterday, me and Ashley were walking by the bathrooms, and we saw this baby in a car seat. I was all, yeah, thats a baby. And Ashley's all, its in the middle of the floor... It was really creepy cause there were no parents in sight. I mean, someone could just steal the baby. Strange...

So during SAT prep class we had to read this passage and answer the questions about it. It was about FANNY PACKS! Molly and I just looked at eachother and started laughing SO MUCH. I swear to GOd I have never laughed so hard in my life. The whole room was quiet, and then theres us trying to get air. It was sooooo horrible. Mrs. Brown's all, you girls OK back there? I almost had to get out of the room. And in the other two passages we had to do, we underlined things like

The woods man carves a chest out of the tree in his back yard. It takes lots of skill. After the final sanding and painting, the carver reveals his chest for all to see.

No one else thought it was funny. So next week me and Molly are going to come into SAT prep with fanny packs. SEXY. And were gunna be like WHAT UP? Look at these. Yeah, you know you have them too. Bitch. After I read that passage I couldn't concentrate for the rest of class. I'm gunna be fucked if I get something like that on the real SAT.

And the night gets even better. so I had my digital camera with me in the car and I was giving Lindsey a ride home. I'm like Lindsey, I need pictures, and she's all, OK - hang on a sec. So she sticks her foot in her mouth! Ick. I have a pic of it, but I promised I wouldn't put it on the internet. Oh well... then we're like, HEY! Lets drive past pedestrians and take pictures of them and speed away. That was awesome. None of the pictures really turned out, but at least we scared the crap out of them with the flash.

Only 8 more days of chemistry left. YAY! Then I'm home free, sitting and watching Conan O'Brien reruns all afternoon long. Can't wait. Ugh, work tomorrow. SUCKS! At least I work with people I know tomorrow. Well, I best be getting to bed for chem tomorrow. I'm out.
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