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Another Sunday night... - .:: Save A Horse - Ride A Cowboy ::.

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July 11th, 2004

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09:20 pm - Another Sunday night...
*Yawn* Just got back from wisconsin (4 1/2 hour drive)... probably would have sucked a LOT, but I had Starbucks so eeeevrything's all right. Wow, they have Light Frappccino's now, I would've tried one, but I was in a BAD mood and I needed whipcream like a mother.

I don't want to go to chemistry tomorrow. I only have 2 more weeks, but my grade this semester sucks ass! Last semester I got a 90, and now I have 1 72. Fucker. And I'm really sleepy. I had to sleep on the roll-out bed in our cottage and I wanted a real bed. They re-did Maggie Mae's restaurant. It is pretty now. And we were all serenated at breakfast this morning by Maggie Mae singing (very lovely) country music. Mmm... country music. Mmm... cowboys. Shirtless cowboys. Lassos.... DEAR GOD.

But I like it

God I'm tired. At leats I don't have to work tomorrow. I hope. No one on-line had the pool schedual for next week, but I know I took Monday off for an 'ortho appointment' Bull. I need my rest. I went turtle fishing today, but my efforts were thwarted by my underestimating turtle's speeds. Fuckers, all of them. Absolutely MENTAL :)

And I am officially NEVER going anywhere without my hairdryer again. EVER. Especially now with my bangs. They were flipping out so bad I looked like a Wisconsin native (And that's baaaaad.) JK. I like it up there. Anywho, I need my rest, will start up-dating reguraly again. I'm out.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Matthew Ryan - I Can't Steal You

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